Diligent with hygiene

Since 1925 we have been taking care of washing and ironing clothing and linen for tourism, health and catering businesses.
Our motto is ‘full customer satisfaction’.
We have long-term cooperation with our customers based on care, trust and respect. This proves the quality of our services.
The care is reflected in each item washed and ironed from restaurant napkins to hospital sheets. We perfectly know that soft washing, diligent drying and ironing maintain the durability of your clothing and extend their life.
We earn the trust of our customers by returning their clothing and linen spotless, shiny, soft and subtly flavored, so that customers enjoy clean products, with constant priority always to hygiene.
We respect the investment of our customers, their requirements and of course their own customers.
Our name is synonymous with expertise, family tradition, consistency, accountability and above all quality.