We treat successfully even the most difficult cleaning, offering consistently integrated and clean solutions. Our industrial cleaning follows the highest cleaning and security protocol standards on a daily basis.

Since 2003 our company has been implementing the Quality Management System ISO 9001 certified by international agents. It signifies our commitment to the continued provision of high-quality service to our customers.

ISO 14001ISO 9001 ELOT 1801Covid Aware

In early 2008 we proceeded to the acquisition of a new quality certification: Management of Health and Safety at work according to HEOS 1801: 2008. Another safeguard for the quality provided to our customers.


Our challenge is to constantly search for new solutions for the benefit of your company.

It's what led us to create a unique detergent formula based on products from certified industrial detergent suppliers.

Its composition is not only effective with stains but friendly to fabrics as well. It is the most essential component of the soft washing performed for cleaning your clothing and linen.

It is important that each towel, sheet, apron, and tablecloth you use to have a long life in order to keep the cost of your operation low.


We check fabrics we receive in order to use the appropriate detergent for each material.
We always wash everything at the right temperature and never overfill our washing machines. We adjust to the highest disinfection times to avoid detergent residues.
Knowing that excessive sun exposure can blur or distort the fabric, we always use a dryer, but never at high temperatures.
We know that the life of clothing or linen may be extended with the right washing and drying processes.
For this reason our industrial cleaning is friendly to your fabrics while perfectly healthy for your customers.
We pick up and deliver with own transportation means consistently and always with safety. Each of our means of transport cleaned and disinfected thoroughly before and after each itinerary.
The washing and ironing of clothing of every client is performed separately to ensure avoidance of any errors.
Hygiene is more than a list of rules.
It is the way we work.
Our daily proof of respect for each customer.

Social responsibility

The clean solutions we implement for the clothing of our customers are also applied to the environment. As a company of industrial cleaning services, we bear the concept of cleanness as an integral part of our mission. Since 1967 we have established the biological treatment of our sewage in order to achieve full clarity in our services.
Today we continue to be in the forefront of protection of our natural resources as our modern production unit is successfully subjected to both the regular and the surprise readiness audits by the relevant state agencies.

A cleaner future

We have a people-first philosophy, leading us to solutions that minimize our energy footprint.

Following specialised research we installed an economiser on our facilities' roof. Exhaust heat produced during works is transformed into energy to heat up water used throughout our cleaning processes.

We acquired a special vertical baling press to process plastic bags received in our facilities, which we then recycle.

10% of our electricity consumption is covered by in-house installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof.

COVID-19 protection

We comply with all standards and measures taken against covid.

An ultraviolet radiation system by Jensen Group is present during washing.

Means of clothing transportation (strollers and trucks) are sterilized by us every day.
These actions are just the beginning for a cleaner, brighter future!