Our capacity

Our facilities in Ilion extend in an environmentally friendly 4-acre plot, of which 2.5 acres are covered by the production plant and the offices of the company. We can process and handle 40 tons of clothing or linen per day.
Our highly trained staff consists of 50 employees. They are constantly trained in new techniques and meet all health and safety standards for washing clothing and linen.
We are proud of the harmonious internal operation, the result of cooperation and mutual understanding between management and employees.
Our belief in constant quality assurance has led to the acquisition and regular use of modern equipment, which among others includes:
  • Two units of air plants
  • Two modern steam boilers
  • 12 washers of various capacities, namely:
    • 2 washers of 400 kg
    • 3 washers of 300 kg
    • 2 washers of 80 kg
    • 2 washers of 60 kg
    • 1 washing machine of 20 kg.
  • LAVATEC TUNNEL of continuous washing
  • Five dryers of various sizes with a total capacity of 1000 kg
  • Two ironers with feeding machines and folding machines for large pieces
  • An ironer for small pieces
  • Four presses
  • Seven strapping machines and a hot melt machine for packaging of clothing
  • New hot-melt machine for separate towel wrapping
  • Two automatic folding machines for pillowcases and small items (napkins etc.)
Our motorized fleet consists of 10 trucks that pick up and deliver clothing under a strictly predefined timeframe, without exceptions. We daily operate throughout Attica and wherever specified by our customers.